Property Managment System - Attica Group

Property Managment System - Attica Group

Need for:

  • A totally custom-made Property Management platform, specifically designed for the needs of the Hotel Operations Department of the Group

What we did:

  • A management back-end allowing managers to receive repair requests from the client
  • Managers are able to issue work orders and notify the managers for expected repair dates
  • Managers are able to document repairs progress and close repair cases
  • A detailed analytics solution that allows for repair requests to be monitored and assessed in terms of process performance, in combination with messaging and notification modules that expedite operations

Results for the client:

  • Streamlined procedure with instant analysis and processing of repair requests
  • Detailed repair materials and services monitoring that results in faster completion times and lowered procedural and overhead costs


Property Managment System - Attica Group


08 September 2022


Custom Web Application, Digital Transformation

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