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Cookies are small text files that websites save on your computer or mobile device during your visit.

Cookies improve your browsing experience by allowing the website to store common actions and preferences of yours, such as the language or the font size that you prefer, so that you don't have to keep reconfiguring them when you navigate from page to page or when you visit the website again.

Some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site (session cookies) while others provide additional features such as website traffic information (performance cookies).

The use of certain cookies requires your prior consent: e.g. the use of advertising cookies by services that analyze and improve ad performance. In such cases, you will be informed and you will be able to optionally provide your consent by using the website's cookies control tool.

For the best experience of using the website, we recommend that you accept the suggested settings. However, you may change your preferences whenever you wish, using the website's cookies control tool or through your browser settings.

Youtube no cookie

In order to embed videos on the website, we use iframe technology with a privacy-enhancing feature that prevents the YouTube service from collecting information in order to personalize your experience.

Learn more about Youtube no cookie here: Youtube Privacy-enhanced Mode.

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