@sea infotainment platform - Attica Group

@sea infotainment platform - Attica Group

Need for:

  • An innovative infotainment platform for the passengers on-board the Attica Group ferry lines vessels

What we did:

  • A BYOD (Bring-Your-On-Device) implementation combined with a state-of-the-art content management platform that allows vessel-specific content, automations and functionalities
  • Loyalty club, e-commerce, music, games, movies, streaming TV and customer service functionalities
  • Fully automated advertising options depending on route and other parameters

Results for the client:

  • A unique, branded and scalable application that allows Attica Group to engage, entertain and inform passengers, while on-board
  • Delivery of valuable insights and new revenue streams from advertising and e-commerce capabilities


@sea infotainment platform - Attica Group


24 December 2020


Custom Web Application, Web API, Content Strategy